Do you want an easy and effective way to incorporate the power of meditation into your therapy groups?

As most of us know, meditation is powerful. But how can we use it to help our clients change? Meditation For Recovery includes two 10-minute guided meditations designed to be used at the beginning of your therapy groups. Ten minutes is the perfect length to receive the benefits of meditation without using too much valuable group time.

What you will get:

  • Two 10-minute recovery-specific guided meditations in MP3 format.
  • The script of both meditations in PDF files.


  • You will have an easy way to incorporate meditation into your groups.
  • You will have recovery-specific meditations that your clients will love.
  • Your clients will be more relaxed and focused in group.
  • You will be teaching your clients the benefits of meditation.
  • Bonus benefit: It will help YOU be more relaxed and focused too!

More Info:

These 10-minute guided meditations are specific to recovery from addiction. The relaxing binaural beats, range of soothing sounds, and positive affirmation-based meditations will help your clients get in a receptive mood so you can facilitate more effective and meaningful groups.

Sometimes it’s hard to slow our brains down and really relax. However, research unequivocally shows that simple everyday meditation practices can create significant positive results. As we close our eyes, breathe deeply and allow our minds to relax, we can wash away the stress of the day and focus much better on the tasks at hand.

Combine a range of soothing sounds and positive recovery-based affirmations, and you’ve got a powerful way to help your clients become more grounded and present.

Money Back Guarantee:

If you honestly feel that these guided meditations don't deliver the benefits listed above, I'll refund your money (and we will still be friends :)


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