Do you enjoy facilitating groups that are positive and uplifting?

Motivation for Recovery is designed to help you motivate and inspire your clients!

In my role as Program Director for a long-term addiction treatment facility, I have seen the need to develop interventions designed to specifically encourage long-term recovery and teach clients how to flourish and succeed in life.

For several years I have been facilitating a group called Motivation for Recovery. After receiving so much positive feedback, I decided to put together a group curriculum so other clinicians could have an easy to follow format for facilitating similar groups.

The Motivation for Recovery group curriculum is a cognitive-behavioral intervention, designed to be delivered in the spirit of motivational interviewing and based on the principles of positive psychology.

As a cognitive-behavioral approach, these groups are meant to challenge an individual's limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviors. Clients are asked to consider a new perspective, one that empowers them to live up to their potential.

Encourage your clients to have motivation for change, and hope for the future. Don’t just teach clients about recovery…teach them to crave recovery. Give them a glimpse of a clean and sober future, with all the benefits of success and change. Let them know they're worth it.

John W Sanders, MSW, LCSW, LCAS

John W Sanders, MSW, LCSW, LCAS

Motivation for Recovery is specifically designed to encourage individuals to think about, discuss, and process the benefits of long-term recovery.

The curriculum comes in a PDF format so you can print the group handouts and exercises directly from your computer. High-quality handouts every time!

Easy to facilitate and clients love it. You will be the most popular clinician in your agency!

The curriculum contains 10 group topics, handouts and homework exercises. Topics include well-being, gratitude, hope, optimism, positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment and helping others.

Motivation for Recovery is a tool which will help you facilitate groups and teach your clients about positive psychology. This curriculum is all functional and useable material with no "fluff." The group format is thoroughly explained and the handouts are easy to print. It includes a group outline, group rules, and step by step instructions on how to facilitate groups. The handouts include introductions, quotes for contemplation, discussion questions and action plans for the clients to apply in-between groups.

For only $9.95 (less than the cost of an average meal) you can have positive and uplifting groups to facilitate for years to come. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.


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This could not have been more timely for me! I’ve been milling around for several weeks how I can do a group for the women that will be meaningful and helpful to them.  I think this is the
ticket and I am truly excited to get going. You are such an inspiration!
— Sharon Blythe, Director of Room at the Inn
I absolutely love the book Motivation for Recovery. As a counselor, I found it extremely easy to use in a group or with an individual. Due to the down-to-earth language and the excellent organization of the book, my clients get exactly what they need to be successful in recovery. Thank you for writing a book that is understandable by the newcomer as well as the seasoned therapist!
— Marta N. Martin, MAT, CSAC, CPSS

Frequently Asked Questions:

"Why does the book come as a PDF file?"
Motivation for Recovery is delivered to you as a PDF file. This makes it easy for you to print the group handouts and homework exercises directly from your computer. Have you ever bought a group curriculum in paperback format and had to try and smash it on the copier while pressing down on the spine? The copies came out crooked or with unsightly black lines down the side. It’s very unprofessional looking. With Motivation for Recovery, you can print perfectly straight and professional looking handouts every time.

"Is the book available on Amazon?"
Motivation for Recovery is not yet available on Amazon. I have self-published the curriculum and made it available exclusively through my website. That way you can enjoy the benefits of having it in PDF format.

"Is there a money back guarantee?"
Yes. If you honestly feel that you can't facilitate uplifting and positive groups with this curriculum, I'll refund your money.

"Will there be an updated version in the future?"
Yes, there will be. Everyone who purchases Motivation for Recovery will receive the expanded and updated version at no additional cost when it comes out later this year. I will continue to improve the curriculum based on my experiences and the experiences of counselors who buy and use the curriculum. I am asking for feedback in order to make Motivation for Recovery better. Usually when you buy a book…that’s it…no updates or improvements. But with Motivation for Recovery you will receive version 2.0 at no additional cost.

"Why does it cost only $9.95?"
This is a very reasonable price for a book that provides you with so much value. For less than the cost of a pizza, you will have positive and uplifting groups to facilitate for years to come. You can literally use the groups over and over again as new clients cycle into your program. Motivation for Recovery saves you time as well. Once you have the format of the groups down, all you have to do is print the handouts and go. Also, facilitating the groups will almost ensure that you have positive group experiences yourself. Not only will the clients benefit from discussions of positive psychology topics….you will have more meaningful experiences, more job satisfaction and will be less likely to experience burnout. Positive psychology is good for both the client and the clinician!

"Is the site secure? Is my credit card information safe?"
Absolutely! Your purchase will be made through an online credit card processor called Gumroad. Your payment is secured by SSL with 128-bit encryption and processed using PCI Compliant service providers. When you click the orange $9.95 button, you will be taken to a safe, secure page where you can make a purchase.

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